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The Library > The Column > The Column Archive: 2006

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The Column Archive 2006
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

Use one of the links below to read a previous issue of The Column that was published during 2006 at AbleStable®.

Previous Issues of The Column 2006

046 December Selling Products and Making Art
The software company that I helped found is flourishing. I earn a respectable salary and work flexible hours from my home. I am in a more fortunate circumstance than many a creative professional. My work prospects are good as the company continues to grow and develop. I am however far from satisfied with my achievements. Here's why...
045 November Cracks, Hacks, and Piracy
A significant number of computer users download copyrighted content or install software on their systems without paying. I explore why so many feel at ease using illegal content, and ponder on issues surrounding data piracy.
044 October Impress Me Mr President
This is the tale of how I found myself in the presence of some of the political elite of the UK. I wanted to contribute in some modest way to making the political process more democratic and inclusive in an increasingly authoritarian political landscape. It was to my great surprise that I was invited by the President of a major political party to discuss my thoughts and views with him.
043 September Want To Take A Ride?
My son said "so, what are you supposed to do?", I looked across. He'd already figured out: "Oh, I see, now you push the play button". The next moment we were both hooked. I asked him to send the URL my way. We then spent the next two hours playing. Line Rider has one editorial tool, a pencil. This simple webtoy is not only a great challenge, it's also a perfect example to illustrate the creative process...
042 August How to Save the Planet
We're in trouble. Within the space of my lifetime the earth will travel from being a place of relative environmental stability to one of violent extremes. There is no doubt over this outcome. We cannot stop change, but we still have a small window of opportunity to affect the severity of this change. No matter who you are, you have the power within you to help save our planet. Here's how...
041 July Being Successful
Success is important to all of us, and our sense of personal success goes a long way to making us happy and productive. The outcome of our success may be modest, influential, positive, or negative, and our experience of success is qualified by how well it marries with our "root purpose". That may be why what may be viewed of as success to one, is but hollow achievement to another...
040 June The Creative Marketplace
The last five years have seen a steady increase in eCommerse transactions, but technologies are coming on stream that will market services and products via personal devices to "participate" in ever more immediate transactions. As we become increasingly wired, advertising will target our every move...
039 May Kite Flying
Kites have been with us for over 2,000 years since their first appearance in China. A high wind can see the sky full with every shape and speed of kite, but with the slightest of breezes, only the lightest and most exquisite kites take flight. This column ponders on why kites hold a special fascination for so many.
038 April Happiness & Creativity
It is often said by writers, artists, and composers that their creativity is at its most prolific when melancholic. I ponder on this and argue that sadness is not a prerequisite of creativity, but rather that creativity is vital to our happiness.
037 March Science and Creativity
Science is often viewed of as a cooler discipline than the arts and is not generally presented with the purpose of evoking an emotional response. Science seeks to help us understand and manipulate the world through rational reasoning, experimentation, and production, and yet creativity which is far from a purely rational process, is of profound importance in all scientific endeavour.
036 February The Future Creative
The exploration and development of our creativity is the key to help us better accept and live with the profound changes that have begun to affect our world. Creativity is an essential component of what it is to be human, and although expressions of creativity may be focused within a particular culture, creed, or politic, the act of creativity is universal and one which crosses the boundaries that so often divide us.
035 January Creative Zeal
Play is the fun in our lives. As we grow older, and if we have the temperament to do so, play evolves into creative activity focused towards an end: a poem, a tune, a painting, and for some the need to create brings enrichment that no other path provides.


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