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The Library > The Column > The Column Archive: 2007

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The Column Archive 2007
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

Use one of the links below to read a previous issue of The Column that was published during 2006 at AbleStable®.

Previous Issues of The Column 2007

058 December The Creative and Artistic Director: The Creative Director oversees and co-ordinates branding and advertising campaigns from the ground up through to publication. In the performance art world the equivalent role is that of the Artistic Director whose purpose is not about the presentation and branding of a product or service, but about making aesthetic choices and defining the artistic direction of a performance. This column describes these roles and considers their common ground.
057 November Money and the Vocational Artist
Distinguishing the vocational artist from the ego centric self-absorbed art practitioner is at times difficult. The vocational artist need not be poor though they are often unwealthy for they place the importance of their vocation above commercial gain. In this column I set out why supporting the vocational artist is crucial to society, and how one might judge the genuine vocational artist from the pretender.
056 October The Tyranny of Homework
The volume of homework for children has steadily increased over the last fifty years and is now assumed by many as a requirement of an effective educational experience. In this column I argue that homework is a powerful negative force that discourages curiosity, creativity, and self-reliance.
055 September Time and Creativity
Time defines our experiences and yet we understand so little of what time is. Does the pressure of getting things done in a limited time stimulate or stifle creativity? When we have little time to ponder, to take in what is happening, has happened, will happen, the desire to be creative hightens, and yet when we have time on our hands, the ability to create often runs dry. Is clock time the best time for the artist within? or is the absence of a sense of time the only time when inspiration bites?
054 August Snap Happy
A recent trip to the Brecon Beacons in Wales rekindled my passion to take photos. It was a trip to the Welsh mountains in my mid teens that kick started my love of photography. I'd set out with a cheap plastic camera and promised myself that if I came back with some snaps I was happy with, I'd invest in a camera that would allow me to explore the medium further. I was fortunate that the landscape was so powerful that even a novice would return with some great images - I was hooked.
053 July

The Need To Make
During my holiday in Sidmouth, a beautiful town that nestles within the Jurassic cliffs of Devon, I spent many hours gathering objects I found on the beach and made a stone circle. I reflect on my need to do so, and the enrichment this process brought me.

052 June

The Ethical Robot
The acceleration of robotic technology is upon us. Mass robot manufacture will spawn an explosion of creativity and design, and the building of robots will become a major economic and cultural force in the lives of those who live in the richer nations of the world. As the main safeguard for any intelligent being are its ethics, we better start thinking about what happens when, as is inevitable, robots begin to exhibit signs of intelligence, powers of reason, and in the not too distant future, emotion.

051 May

Good Taste, Bad Art
The cooperative senses of taste and smell provide pleasure and warn of danger. Their impact in the arts is less significant however as compared with the dominant senses of sight, and hearing. This column investigates the importance of taste and smell in the context of creativity, and aims to shed light on these senses which seem confined to our primal sensibilities.

050 April

Ten Good Things
The fiftieth column at AbleStable presents ten great works: Contact; Crash Bash; The Koln Concert; Biscuits; El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba; Rembrandt; The iPhone; The Tate Galary, Saint Ives, Cornwall; The Internet; and The Earth.

049 March

The Never Ending Draft
Software development is often perceived of as less creative and less "artistic" than many other creative activities. The never ending draft that defines the working practice of the software developer provides an insight into both the creative process, and differences in how our creativity finds its expression.

048 February

The Final Draft
The drafting process produces work which is far more likely to stand the test of time. Whatever creative activity you are engaged in, the continuous refinement of ideas and technique is what will set you apart from the crowd. There are however areas of creativity whose products require continuous updating. When do you stop trying to make your work better? How do you know you have completed the final draft?

047 January

Killer Gaming: The Instinct of Aggression
A good computer or console game is wholly absorbing. Whether you're a newbie or an old hand, playing a game can transform your place of being. Good games require the right balance of challenge and reward. Some pander to our thirst for adventure and mystery, others to our ego, competitive spirit, or aggression. I ponder on when a game crosses the boundary from being a positive force to a negative one...


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