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The Column Archive
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

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The Column

071 May 2011 AbleStable Announcement: This is my first column in a long time. I hoped to return sooner, however creative projects and commercial commitments kept me from this place. It is therefore apt that a new chapter begins with my announcement to re-focus my not-for-profit work which seeks to encourage and support creativity.

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070 December Our Common Ancestors: Three quarters of a million people visit Stonehenge every year. They come to view the ancient monument out of curiosity, because of its reputation, for its historical significance, and as a spectacle or historical site. There is also another reason why we are drawn like flies to a lamp - we are a spiritual species, and the stones connect with a place far distant to the rush of our modern existence.
069 November Splish Splash: When kids see a puddle they have an unbridled desire to splash in it. Adults on the other hand tend to do one of two things when they see a young one rushing towards a shallow pool of water. They either warn their enthusiastic charge not to mess up their clothes, or worse, they run behind and scoop the child up just before their feet reach the rippling surface. What is it that drives kids towards water, and why do most adults avoid splashing all together?
068 October The Art Of Doing Nothing: To give our creativity a chance of performing at its best we must devote time to stillness and silence. Resist the temptation of dismissing this as doing nothing of value. We need a portion of our waking time to reflect upon and transform our experiences so we may express them effectively through the filter and influence of our creativity.
067 September Phone Chrome From Google: "Chrome", the new browser from Google has launched. The browser will likely have a significant impact on what the web delivers - think of "Chrome" as an operating system that is being dropped into Windows, Mac, and Linux. The reason for the development of the "browser" (which has been branded as a modest, helpful, and free application) is to allow Google to deliver a web OS and applications that generate revenue.
066 August Live To Be 100: My outlook is positive, my hope, unreasonably optimistic. I see endless possibilities in the future. I resist the life of the ordinary which requires we act out a play that stifles creativity and makes us small. I see no inevitability in the path we tread as to do so would be to leave hope, that most human of qualities, behind.
065 July Creativity and Place: Place defines our view and expression. Whether we are land lovers, mountain dwellers, or feel most at home on the open sea, place defines the bond we make with the world. Our surroundings have a profound affect on our mood, our work, and our play, and we are at our most creative when we are conscious of the influence of place.
064 June The Beauty of Natural Things: We build great buildings with our hands, write poetry with skills of the mind, and make music in a place still very much a mystery to us. These uniquely human activities require our conscious effort and exacting attention, and in such a place of creativity our minds are enlivened, our hearts touched, often in the most unexpected of ways. It is tempting to think we are the masters of this gift of making, yet so often it is the place, the moment and what our senses gather, that sparks our journey into the unknown realm.
063 May The Adolescent eBook: eBooks are still in their infancy as compared with the long history of their real-world relations. An eBook cannot replace a book, it is a different media, a close relation, yet distinctive. In considering their differences and common attributes it is clear the eBook has some way to go before maturation, but also that it is capable of making a significant contribution as a new creative medium.
062 April Brecon Beacons: Mountain and Sky: Impressive landscape photography is as much about good fortune as sound technique, a fine camera, and a good eye. Like any creative activity, you must become an extension of the medium to achieve any success in it.
061 March How To Be Creative: Creativity is not confined to the chosen few who articulate their experiences in words, music, or another medium. We are all creative. Finding the time to encourage that creativity in ourselves is however often a challenge, but if we fail to flex our creative muscles, the enemy of inertia grabs a hold. This column provides a compact first aid box for that circumstance and aims to counter any uncertainty that your creativity is boundless.
060 February Creative Credits: Do you stay for the end credits when you go to the movies or are you one of the majority that gets up and leaves as soon as the last scene fades from view? Perhaps your take of the credits is an endless list of names that are primarily for the benefit of industry insiders. There are however good reasons why you should stay those few minutes more after the movie comes to a close.
059 January creative i world: today sees the launch of creativeiworld, a new Internet destination where anyone who has produced original work is given the opportunity to share their work with others. I talk here of my motivation and reasons for launching creativeiworld as a distinct site rather than integrating it with AbleStable, and my vision of how creativeiworld will develop.

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