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Welcome to Tools at AbleStable®. From here you'll find a range of useful live reference tools that function across platforms (PC and Mac). To use our tools you'll require a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape that come preconfigured to allow JavaScript and Java Applets.

Comment Upon or Suggest New Tools

If you have any comments or suggestions for new tools you'd like to see here go to Feedback and complete the appropriate form. We'd love to hear from you.


Although our Tools are free to use, copyright resides with the originators of all contents accessed at AbleStable® (including source and script code). Any unauthorised copying or publication of our site contents for profitable use is strictly prohibited.

Tools at AbleStable Tools

[browser compatibility]

Please note some of the tools below require Microsoft Internet Explorer (around 95% of Internet users), others are cross-browser compatible and may be used with either Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], or Safari [S].

Java Applets - Why Some Tools May Not Work

Some tools and other resources at AbleStable use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers which allow visitors to enjoy powerful online programs. Note that the JRE (available since 1991) is not installed by default with Windows XP and above.
Find out how to freely download and install the JRE.

::: Learning Toolset :::

Virtual Planetarium [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Virtual Planetarium: get to know your surroundings! View how the sky looks from anywhere on Earth. See where the Sun, Moon, planets, and brightest stars are right now.

Essential Music Notation
[IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Essential Music Notation: discover how music is written, and test your knowledge of pitch with interactive musical flash cards.

Regular Polyhedrons
[IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Polyhedrons: view the five types of polyhedron objects from any angle as both 3D wireframe and solid objects.

Guitar Codex [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Guitar Codex: an invaluable tool for guitarists of all abilities.

::: General Toolset :::

Time Out [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Time Out: clear your mind for a few moments and enjoy :)

My Notes
[IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

My Notes is a sophisticated notepad that assists in the search for creative professionals. My Notes enables people at AbleStable
® to create live records that can be easily viewed. This helps with the task of comparing and contrasting the differences between creative people.

World Clock [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

World Clock: view local time in relation to Tokyo, Istanbul, London, and New York.

Font Lister [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Font Lister will show all your currently installed fonts within a Windows System.

Morse Code Generator [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Instantly translate type into Morse Code with the Morse Code Generator. This resource also displays the full Morse Code character to dash and dots conversion set.

Monitor Calibration [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Plain and simple, Monitor Calibration ensures you're not viewing the world with rose tinted spectacles.

Bar Graph Designer
[IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Bar Graph Designer allows you to create a simple five field bar graph inputting the fields and values of your choice.

Splash Paint
[IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Paint online with Splash, a great Flash painting program with a surprising array of options and commands.

[IE - Not Mac]

Use our Live Calendar to put things in perspective (requires Internet Explorer). For a great Mac freeware calendar go to Mac Freeware.

Calculator [IE + OP 7 + S]

Use our on-line Calculator to find the answer to those more complex mathematical questions (requires Internet Explorer).

Stopwatch [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Use our on-line Stopwatch for those time limited tasks you have.

Online Timer [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

Set a time to countdown with our multiple Online Timer and be notified with an audio alarm when each timer ends

Country Codes [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 - Not Mac]

Discover the associated names and geographical locations of Country Codes. We also provide a standard web page of Country Codes for your reference.

World Maps [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

A zooming world map together with physical, political, and time zone World Maps.

A to B: World Distance Calculator [IE] [600KB]

A to B: Easily work out the distance from any two points on earth.

Length Converter [IE + NS 6 + OP 7 - Not Mac]

Easily convert one measurement to another using the Length Converter.

Time Converter [IE + NS 6 + OP 7 - Not Mac]

Convert one measurement of time to another using the Time Converter.

::: Internet Toolset :::

IP Address, System, & Browser Information [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

IP Address, System, & Browser Information: find out the essential information about your Internet Protocal Address, your operating system, and browser information. A reference guide is also included.

HTML Online Validator [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

The Online HTML Validator allows you to enter the full web address of the web page you'd like to check, and you'll immediately see a report detailing any errors.

HTML Text Area Editor [IE 5.5+ - Not Mac]

Easily format text and ready it for the web with our HTML Text Area Editor, then view the HTML source code you produce. Our integrated Guide features an introduction into the world of creating web pages with HTML (requires Internet Explorer 5.5+).

Internet Download Calculator [IE + NS 6+]

The Download Calculator helps you easily judge how long a file will take to download depending on your modem speed.

Colour Scheme Generator [IE + NS 7 + OP 7 + S]

The Colour Scheme Generator assists in designing web pages, computer applications, or house interiors, by helping the user find an effective colour combination.

The Colour Scheme Help and Information Guide provides detailed assistance and guidance about how to use the online application.

Web Safe Colours [IE + NS 6+]

View our reference of the 216 Web Safe Colours that ensure cross-platform, cross-browser colour comparability.

File Size & Bandwidth Calculator [IE + NS 6 + OP 7 - Not Mac]

Our File Size & Bandwidth Calculator helps website owners quickly assess what bandwidth they require from their host. In addition the File & Bandwidth Calculator provides a fast method to compare file sizes.

Decimal RGB to Hexadecimal RGB Converter

A simple Red Green Blue to Hexadecimal Converter for web design and reference (requires Internet Explorer).

CHMOD Calculator [IE + NS 6 + OP 7]

The CHMOD Calculator helps you easily set the FTP permissions for CGI and other Internet related programs that run from a server.

Freeware at AbleStable

You may also like to visit our Freeware Area which features a range of top quality freeware for Windows and Mac platforms. Our Freeware is unconditional: no nag screens; no advertisements; no registrations; no payments; no spying; no collection of demographic information; and no unauthorised Internet connections from your system.

 All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2010
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